August 3

Galway Tribesmen Ready For New Rugby League Season

first_imgIt’s that time of the year again for the GalwayTribesmen Rugby League team to take to the field.Although training has been in full swing for the last number of weeks, the teamhas not had the opportunity to test itself yet due to the 1st round game beingpostponed until later in the calendar. The first action for the Tribesmen is actually anaway trip to the Longhorns in Ashbourne, Co Meaththis coming Saturday (25th) This will no doubt be atough encounter and will provide a good gauge of where the team stands and whatthey need to do to be competing at the ‘business’ end of the season. The teamhas been bolstered by a few ‘significant’ players returning after a hiatus aswell as some talented emerging youth. The first home fixture will take place onthe 1st June against the newly formed Barrow Cudas from Carlow at NUIG Dangan.As a club, the Tribesmen have always tried to beinnovative and at the forefront of developments in the game and this year is nodifferent. The club will be hosting the inaugural national under 19 nine asidecompetition. This is the first time that there has been any competitive under19 activity outside the greater Dublin area and so represents a milestone notonly for the Tribesmen but also for Rugby League Ireland. The competition willtake place on Sunday 26th June at Southpark, The Claddagh and kicks off at11.30am. The tournament will also be preceded with a training session of the Irishclubs elite squad who have a number of upcoming fixtures. All are welcome toattend both events.The Galway Tribesmen would like to thank our 2019season sponsors, C2 Security, Hyundai Galway and Tonery’s Bar and we also lookforward to welcoming all our supporters both new and existing throughout thesummer months.print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email 2018 was a good year for the Tribesmen, who onceagain managed to qualify for the ROI final, only to be beaten by the emergingpowerhouse of Rugby League in Ireland, The Longhorns. This time around theGalway team will be hoping to go one further and recapture their form of a fewyears ago when they went on to win the All Ireland trophy.last_img

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