August 12

Peter & Dave share the catch

first_imgI think Paul Adamson was a little relieved at taking it easy.  He was uncomfortable at the best of times due to a nasty accident falling off a motorbike.  Stick to cars Paul.  Much safer!Peter Holt and Dave Chilton pose with their shared catch.So it was back into shallower waters for the day.  We also had most of the crew wishing to try their luck at the larger varieties.  This also added to the low catch of the smaller varieties.  The speed of the current was far too fast for small fishing lines to be dropped in.  All they did was go horizontal, barely reaching the sea bottom.The one decent catch of the day was a 4 foot sand shark.  This fish was caught by both Peter Holt and Dave Chilton and both claimed responsibility for the catch.  Actually the fish was caught in a tangle of two lines so we decided to call it a draw.  No problem, back on terra firma and a couple of beers later all was good in life again.Our next scheduled trip is for June 16 so if anyone would like to join in with us give me a call on 087 091 7565. It was bound to happen?  After years of pretty good successes out on the ocean this trip on Saturday, May 24 proved to be the worst. Never fret folks it was only the lack of fish that was not so good.  The day out on the ocean was still a great day out for the guys to have a chat and enjoy the sea air and wind.  That was the biggest reason why the catch was down.  Possibly one of the windiest days I have experienced on the sea, which means that going out to the deep water was a little too uncomfortable. Sea Fishing with KPK Food Services Ltd.last_img

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