September 16

Jānis Freimanis: Defibrillator for the deceased. Will Latvian volleyball be…

first_imgNot long ago, while preparing an article about the “Golden Radio Technician” golden season, I tore a small wound, because volleyball became my first sport in journalism fifteen years ago. Although maybe it wasn’t so accidental, because in my childhood memories I held Tatjana Weinberg’s Mexico Gold Medal and watched the performance of five sets from the Netherlands and Italy in the final of the Atlanta Olympics.And really – why not volleyball? In the last century, for 30 years, volleyball was played in Latvia at the level of the world’s elite. Only basketball flagships TTT and Riga ASK had greater success in team sports in Soviet times. “Radiotekniķa” volleyball players were 1984 USSR champions, ten-time vice-champions and five-time bronze medal winners. He won the title of the champion of the second strongest club tournament in Europe three times, but in 1983 the Latvian SSR team (read – “Radio Technician”) triumphed in the People’s Spartakiad. Yes, yes – these Soviet-era tournaments don’t matter much to me either, but let’s see what was the USSR volleyball at that time, namely, absolute dominance in Europe and, at the very least, “Top-3” status in the world.In summary – “Radiotekniķis” (read – Latvian SSR team) was one of the best volleyball teams in the world. What could not be said about Riga “Dinamo” in hockey, nor about VEF in basketball, or “Celtnieki” in handball, not to mention “Daugava” in football.last_img

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