September 16

Cyprus will climb the “glass hill”

first_imgDiligent work throughout the summer, the presence of leaders and the experience gained in previous cycles allow the Latvian men’s volleyball national team to travel to Cyprus with great optimism, where it will compete for participation in the European Championship final under the leadership of Estonian specialist Avo Kel. In Nicosia, players face a thorough endurance test, with six games scheduled for eight days. They will all be broadcast on LTV7 starting on Sunday at 5 pm against Moldova.Latvian volleyball players have only played in the final tournament of the European Championship so far in 1995, when eight of the fourteen players of the current model had not been born at all. After that, the team participated in qualifying tournaments with different successes and different ambitions, but failed to reach the final tournament in any of the twelve times. High hopes were attached to the attraction of Avo Kēl in 2017, however, also to the Estonian specialist “first pancake” next to the “pan” of the Latvian state unit. The chances of qualifying for the final tournament were largely lost after the fiasco in the first game in Israel (0-3). Read the whole article in the newspapers Day Friday, August 28, in the room! If you want to read the content of the newspaper in printed format in the future, you can subscribe to it HERE! The full version of the article can also be purchased on the portal – log in by clicking here! Article price: €0.40last_img

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