November 20

Istria is once again the head of the stars of our tourism

first_imgThis year, Istria is the head of the stars of our tourism, which in the first eight months achieved 3.190.000 arrivals, which is 200.000 arrivals more than last year, and as many as 1.060.000 more overnight stays than last year, ie a total of 20.880.000 overnight stays.Istrian County Prefect Valter Flego, in the presence of the director of the Istria County Tourist Board Denis Ivošević and the head of tourism Nada Prodan Mraković, presented today at the Rivalmare Boutique Hotel in Novigrad, the results of the tourist season. “Istria is the most tourist region in Croatia, which is confirmed by this year’s results, the best in the tourist history of Istria. After the end of August, we can freely say that Istria is the absolute champion of Croatian tourism with over 3 million arrivals and over 20 million overnight stays.”Pointed out the Istrian parish Valter Flego and added that one third of the total income from tourism in Croatia, was realized in Istria.According to the prefect Flego, the top results of Istrian tourism do not happen by chance, but are the result of a job well done and the synergy of the private and public sector, increased investment, and quality and strategic marketing. “Thanks to all this, Istria is today a clearly recognized brand focused on creating an experience tourism that is realized throughout the year”, Points out the Istrian prefect.Namely, tourism in Istria is aimed at stronger connections with agriculture, as well as the promotion of enogastronomy, cycling tourism, health and nautical tourism. In this way, the offer that is no longer related only to the coast is enriched and expanded. Also, the positive trend of investments of large hotel houses in Istria, which will amount to more than 200 million euros next year, continues. These investments will contribute to increasing the attractiveness of Istria and its competitiveness, and enable new employment.According to Flego, the County of Istria has developed and adopted a Master Plan for Tourism 2015-2025, which will create an even more competitive tourism management system. “The results we have achieved, with the distribution of funds so far and the resources we have at our disposal, show that Istria is a strong and successful tourist destination, to the pride of all of us.. But we can be even stronger, and this is only possible by resolving open burning issues in the country such as the issue of ownership of tourist land and the payment of sojourn tax. In this way, further investments will be encouraged, new jobs will be created and even higher revenues will be enabled in the tourism of Istria, from which the entire country will benefit.”.In accordance with the excellent tourist results as well as the announcements for the post-season, it is expected that by the end of the year Istria will have 3,8 million arrivals and approach the magic number of 25 million overnight stays. “The post-season, and especially the ninth month, which we consider an extended eighth month, according to all announcements by travel organizers, hoteliers and tour operators, will be extremely good until September 20.. We also expect a continuation in this positive trend. In the first five days of September, Istria already has 50.000 more overnight stays compared to the same period last year, which tells us that Istria has 10.000 more guests on a daily basis every day than it was last year.”Denis Ivošević, director of the Istria County Tourist Board, points out and adds that 3,3 million overnight stays are expected in July.last_img

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