December 31

New Orca bike from Orbea inspired by the mountains

first_imgCiting iconic climbs, such as Alpe d’Huez and the Col du Galibier, the strap-line for the new Orca bike from Spain’s Orbea is ‘Conquer Mountains, Climb Podiums’. According to the company, it’s these storied climbs and the riders who made them sacred that inspired the newest Orca. ‘An Orca born from competition and love of cycling, ready to write history on pavement everywhere.’Orbea notes that road racing bicycles have become amazing minimalist machines – but the more that is taken away, the greater the importance of the remaining elements. ‘Shaping becomes functionally deliberate and calculated. The lower spine of the frame supports the upper members like a suspension bridge, uniting elements in a perfect balance of lightweight rigidity.’Orbea cites a number of features that help to make the new Orca unique…LighterReducing frame weight is an elusive goal. It’s fairly simple to cut weight from a heavy frame – quite difficult to trim even a hundred grams from a structure that is already very lean. Reducing weight became a mantra when creating the new Orca: ‘if a design feature was not vital to stiffness and ride quality, that element must be reshaped or eliminated to reduce frame weight.’StifferFeaturing an ‘oversized spine’, the large majority of torsional and lateral loads are handled by the lower half of the frame. The headtube, downtube and chainstays must resist twisting and transmit the power generated by a rider’s legs to the rear wheel. In turn, this resistance to flex translates directly to more watts on the road.Ride qualityStudying the way the frame behaves under a rider’s weight is beneficial to tuning the way bumps or vibrations are transmitted through the frame. The efficiency of the bottom bracket area contributes the feel that the bike is responsive, that power transfer is instantaneous.According to Orbea, the natural flex patterns created by the carbon layup and structure in the top tube and seat stays deliver an efficient, smooth ride that feels like floating over rough roads. The company continues to point out that ‘The sensation is subtle – but it is noticeable and can be tested. And at the end of a gruelling climb it could make the difference between the podium and the consolation prize.’Racing geometryRacing geometry gets the most of every pedal stroke, efficiently converting every watt into speed. The distances between axles drop, ‘allowing for a more responsive bike that takes curves with ease and has great traction when you start pedalling and when you accelerate as well.’ This saves time and power at the same time. Additionally, a low stack and longer reach allow for a more aerodynamic position on the bike, and a more efficient use of energy.Orbea is part of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation and is Spain’s largest bicycle operator. Orbea bike frames are manufactured in Asia and finished in Spain – with the brand shipped worldwide.In 2011, Orbea further cemented its relationship with [the namesake to its bike brand] Orca – the wetsuit and apparel tri brand. Heralding from New Zealand, Orca is part of the Orbea family – with Orbea and Orca reaching an agreement in 2011 for Spanish Orbea to acquire Orca’s ‘operation rights in the triathlon and compression area.’This deal gave Orbea global rights to the Orca brand, following ‘four years of fruitful relations’ between the two Relatedlast_img

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