January 18

Gore Bike Wear first to put out Gore-Tex Active jackets

first_imgThe Gore One Bike and Run Jackets will feature the new Active membrane tech, with its permanent water-repellent surface. It is the lightest, most breathable material Gore-Tex has ever produced, and the first and only iteration that remains permanently waterproof without the need for a durable water repellent DWR coating. By removing the outer textile layer the jacket cannot wet-through like the typical outer textile would on most multi-layer waterproof membranes. This new membrane/fabric also creates a shake dry effect, where you can simply shake off beaded-up water and moisture during activity or when you return home.The jackets take a minimalist approach with simple designs and a matte black finish that are meant to emphasize the functionality of the fabric. They will both be available to consumers in limited quantities starting December 15th, with more information expected anyday at: www.inspiration.goreapparel.comGoreApparel.com It was just a couple of weeks ago  when we saw the tech teasers behind the new Gore-Tex Active fabric that drops the outer textile to both improve breathability and make water bead up on the surface. Now just as we suspected, Gore’s own Bike Wear and Running Wear brands are the first to stitch the new membrane into some limited edition performance jackets that will be available in just over a week’s time under the Gore One name. Take a closer look with us across the fold… Gore One brings the Bike Wear and Running Wear brands together under one umbrella to encompass their innovative technological applications of their leading fabrics. The new Gore One range will include two new Gore-Tex Active jackets that can meet the needs of both cyclists and runners.Taking advantage of the new fabric from the source, Gore’s new jackets are lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable than anything they’ve made before. Gore aims to build the new Gore One brand into one synonymous with cyclists and runners that are ready to go out and follow their passion any time and in any weather condition.last_img

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