May 8

Good governance

Before we discuss good governance it is important to understand the steps to lead to good governances.Step-1To decide Vision/mission/ principles/ policies/ objectivesStep-2To finalise laws/ bylaws/ rules/ regulations/ notifications/ guidanceStep-3To finalise systems and processesStep -4Governances means to execute/implement the above steps. GOOD GOVERNANCESTo ensure execution/ implementation of above in right spirits, in the right manner and on time.To achieve good governances practices there must be right monitoring, guidance and reporting system.Followings are key to ensure good governance1. Steps mentioned above must be very clear, simple, easy to understand, easy to implement, practical, easy to reach, right infrastructure must be in place, no / negligible interpretation issues, ensure no excuses are exercised, guidance to support implementation and resolutions of interpretations within timelines.2. Make people aware and to accept implementation willingly and proudly. They must be recognised and incentivised.3. Ensure that the implementations of actions must be affordable in all respect.4. Must not be forced or imposed. Such actions are against and cannot lead to achieving good governances.5. And so onThe good governance practices are necessary for all right from your own home management to President house. Every organisation of all kind big or small must ensure good governance practices to achieve what they have decided for them as per the step -1.With such practices, we can achieve a great disciplined and happy nation.

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