May 8

Women equality VS Gender equality

first_imgWhere this has come from and what do we seek out of it – gender equality. I googled, what is gender equality. Google defines it as – the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. Last week over the call my friend cribbed and complained about her female boss, that she intentionally calls her while wrapping up for home at the office in the evening almost every day and assigns her with jobs that can be taken care of on the next day as well. But her boss persuades her to finish it off and then leave for home, even if it requires her to sit after office hours. It is clear here that undeniably we may have found our places in the workforce mostly which now as well is ruled by men, but we as women are yet to give space to each other in the same workforce.Irrefutably we are judgemental of the choices and spectrum of women. I am no exception here and have been judged and I am being judged even now for every single possibility that I strive to achieve or have achieved, more in my writing career than in the corporate in fact. Not at all hypothetically but unfortunately the benchmark of such judgments are predominantly set by women for other women. The other friend who is currently working from home and has switched her career from being an IT professional to full-time yoga consultant shared that she is being continuously bogged down to have a second baby by her MIL and sister in law, taking into consideration that her work is not time-consuming and it’s that easy as if she can teach her yoga students a yoga pose while changing the diaper or perhaps breastfeeding the baby simultaneously. She works from home as a yoga consultant which precisely means she does nothing at all and has all the time in the world to have a second baby. And all these come from the fellow women in her in law’s family.Recently I did a survey sort of on my Instagram story – “Why it is the same story with all the in-laws, no matter how good they pretend to be and no matter how selflessly you do for them that – their own daughters are the most skilled homemakers and their daughters-in-law (only the daughter in law’s here, fortunately, the sons-in-law happen to have laddoos in both their hands) are the most unskilled one on earth??” It was surprising for me to see the responses and reactions of so many women and newlyweds on my this insta story. This reflects how intensely so many women are going through this difference of insecure behaviour of in-laws. I perceive that it’s a chain that flows from one generation to another. A woman treated unfairly by her in-laws will become unfair in law to her new relations when it comes to the daughter in law, precisely. This is how family values and practices proceed. It is cascading from one to another. Why I have taken an example of a family issue for the inequality amongst women in my this blog is because family is our first school and we learn and take it to the outside world from here. This is how our insecure school of thoughts towards fellow women in friend circle, at the workplace or any other areas propagate. We got to break this chain now and choose to be fair to the women of all the generations, be it our MIL, sister-in-laws, female colleague, bosses, subordinates, classmates, etc. That’s the test here – choosing to be negative is easy and fulfilling for the time being, whereas, choosing to be opposite of what you have been mistreated with and waiting for the positive outcome for some time is perhaps trying.It’s not alone the onus of men to practice in routine and bring into existence the gender equality but it is more on the shoulders of us women to implement practically this quote that an empowered woman empowers women. We must innovate and create our own religion of sisterhood irrespective of our social status, lifestyle, language, career choices(this even includes being a full-time homemaker), caste, race, relationships with each other and other criteria.Construct an infrastructure which empowers women rather women changing herself to adjust and prove her worth every time everywhere. Let us begin this from our family and by a woman. Break the chain of women inequality and we won’t need any gender equality possibly.last_img

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