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Pete Hines says cross-platform play a necessity for The Elder Scrolls: Legends

first_imgPete Hines says cross-platform play a necessity for The Elder Scrolls: LegendsBethesda VP calls feature “essentially non-negotiable” in bringing the game to new platformsRebekah ValentineSenior Staff WriterMonday 13th August 2018Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleBethesda SoftworksSony Interactive EntertainmentSony has remained resolute in not allowing cross-platform play for even enormous titles like Fortnite and Minecraft, despite its competition’s willingness to throw open the doors on certain titles. Now, Bethesda seems poised to dig in its heels on the issue for one game: The Elder Scrolls: Legends.In an interview with Game Informer at QuakeCon, Hines repeatedly emphasized the importance of the feature to the Legends experience, stating that both cross-platform play and progress were necessary for the game to be what it was.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games “We cannot have a game that works one way across everywhere else except for on this one thing,” Hines said. “The way the game works right now on Apple, Google, Steam, and, it doesn’t matter where you buy your stuff, if you play it on another platform that stuff is there. It doesn’t matter what platform you play on, you play against everyone else who is playing at that moment. There’s no ‘Oh, it’s easier to control, or it has a better framerate on this system.’ It’s a strategy card game. It doesn’t matter.”When pressed on the issue referencing Sony’s reluctance to allow games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Ark: Survival Evolved to incorporate cross-platform features with PlayStation releases, Hines stopped barely short of saying that if Sony wouldn’t allow it, the game couldn’t release on PS4. “We continue to talk to all of our platform partners,” he continued. “But those [terms] are essentially non-negotiable. We can’t be talking about one version of Legends, where you take your progress with you, and another version where you stay within that ecosystem or its walled off from everything else. That is counter to what the game has been about.”Hines wouldn’t specifically call out Sony himself, but reiterated that Bethesda is being clear with its partners about the necessity of the feature as the game nears console release later this year. Last month, Todd Howard noted the frustration of working with Sony on cross-platform play and cited the company as the reason Fallout 76 would have to skip the feature.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesSony’s cross-play deal seems a smart solution to a complex problem | OpinionThe royalty Sony and Epic agreed to open up cross-play on PlayStation has caused anger – but it’s a nuanced response to the growing complexity of the industry’s revenue modelsBy Rob Fahey 5 days agoSony facing lawsuit over PlayStation Store exclusivityPlatform holder stopped allowing third party stores to sell digital downloads in 2019By Danielle Partis 6 days agoLatest comments (1)Paul Jace Merchandiser 2 years ago “Hines wouldn’t specifically call out Sony himself….”Then allow me by repeating what I posted in that above mentioned Fallout 76 post:There is a really simple solution to all of this. Developers can easily tell all the platform holders that in the matter of cross- play, you either do it with everyone participating or you do it with no one. There. Problem solved. 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replySign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img

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