May 24

Fulton Tax Commissioner Defends Use of $39,000 Vehicle

first_img Related Stories For Whom The Bell Rings Fulton County Tax Commissioner Arthur Ferdinand spoke with WABE in his first radio interview since controversy surrounding a $39,000 dollar county vehicle he purchased for county use began earlier this month.??:??Concerns about the 2013 Ford Explorer purchased by Ferdinand last year for his official use were raised by Commission Chairman John Eaves and Commissioner Liz Hausmann. Both commissioners questioned the vehicle’s expense after examining a routine take home vehicle report. Despite the concerns, Ferdinand says he’s done nothing wrong. He says the opinions expressed by Chairman Eaves and Commissioner Hausmann don’t represent the feelings of the entire board.“The board of commissioners have approved the use of a vehicle for that office, tax commissioner, since 1998. It meets all the county guidelines, and as recently as this year my vehicle has been approved for take home purposes. “Ferdinand says he and members of his staff only use the vehicle for county purposes.“I do a lot of things besides sit in my office and collect money. I have a very long county, I have five offices, I speak a lot at night, and I would say that I do not use that vehicle for my personal use. I have several vehicles myself.”Chairman Eaves says Ferdinand did not violate any county policies but he’s concerned about public perception due to the expense of the vehicle. As a result, Eaves says he’s hoping to meet with Ferdinand and plans to ask him to reassign his vehicle to another department.“He’s doing a great job in terms of his duties, but the issue of the public trust in terms of our resources is out there, so let’s try to figure out some sort of resolution so we can restore the public trust, that were doing the best we can in terms of managing our resources and being as frugal as possible.Ferdinand says he will sit down with Eaves if asked, but as far as giving up the vehicle…“At this point in time no. There’s no reason why I would consider not using that vehicle in the way we’re using it right now.”Chairman Eaves says the board of commissioners should also reexamine its current policy when it comes to county take home vehicles. Share Legal Advocate Discusses Medical Abuse At Shut Down Georgia ICE Facility ??:?? | Play story Add to My ListIn My List ‘It’s Fractured’: Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan On Healing Republican Partylast_img

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