November 26

James Naismith’s 154th birth anniversary: Know how Basketball was invented

first_imgJames Naismith, the inventor of ‘Basketball’ was born 154years ago on November 6, 1861. Naismith was a Canadian physical educationteacher, a physician, chaplain, sports coach and an innovator. In the year 1925, hebecame a citizen of the United States (US) where he developed basketball in late 1890s.James Naismith also compiled the 13 basic rules of basketball. The first gameof Basketball was played in December 1891. By 1893, Basketball was playedinternationally. In 1904, Basketball was taken up as an Olympic demonstrationsport and later in 1936, it was played at the Summer Olympics inBerlin. How was Basketball invented?James Naismith invented basketball while he was a physical education teacher atSpringfield YMCA. Naismith struggled with a rowdy class at Springfield. Dr.Luther Gulick, the head of physical education department gave Naismith 14 daysto create an indoor game which would distract the students and the sport whichwould be fair and not at all rough for the students.Naismith took care of the following three things while inventing Basketball:He analysed thefamous sports like rugby, soccer, football etc. and noticed the harmful effectof the balls and therefore, concluded that bigger softer balls are the safestHe knew that most of the physical contact between the players was made while running, dribblingand hitting, so he made the sport more about passing the ballNaismith further decided to keep the goal unguarded so that there would beless physical contact among the players. He forced the players to throw the ballwith a soft lob to score goals.advertisementlast_img read more