May 8

Happiness! Not rocket science

first_imgWith the increase in earning capacity, we tend to lose what is needed the most. We can only own expensive watch but not the time. Forget about the time spent with others, have we ever given time for ourselves? Most of us have enough money, but not able to purchase our own happiness. We have everything we need to live our lives and still crib over something not necessary. We strive hard extending the work time, by shrinking the definition of a beautiful life.Why do we grumble about life complicating the issues that we are shackled by it? Many people have a list of things they think they need to be happy. Or why is it that sometimes we pretend to be happy? What is happiness then?An award, meeting friends, a brand new car, a new exciting relationship, losing weight etc. Do these things bring happiness?Research says no. The above-mentioned list would only make us feel great at first, but the happiness doesn’t last long. It means that the positive things that make us happy initially, turns out to be our new normal and we get back to our old benchmark of happiness.As per the researchers, the happiness that has influence from within makes us happy for a longer-term. The happiness doesn’t require any winning of the lottery, instead, it only needs an inner change of an individual’s attitude and perspectives. It’s a simple change within us! While it’s difficult to change our nature, we can train our brains to be positive. This doesn’t mean that enjoying a negative thing happened or pretending to be ok when it is not. Instead of trying to notice or appreciate and anticipate good things to occur, boosts our happiness.In this sophisticated world, simple things turn out to be complicated, whereas rocket science would probably be understood. We forget to notice what we have but remind ourselves how difficult our life is, without even trying to notice and appreciate the great things we already have which most do not.We need to try doing such things which stays with us for a longer time. Try to do such things which fetch us a sense of life and not take the essence of it. Like• Keeping a habit of stretching out hands to give.• Allot time for your passion.• Talk to yourself, when something is not right.• Do not compare yourself. You have your own ability.• Teach yourself to be more grateful, which in turn make a huge difference in bringing a smile. Keep a journal for it.• Count your blessings every day which shows the positive side of your life.• Exercise every day. Cultivate a habit which brings a positive effect which shows you are pampering yourself.• Make an effort to keep the connection and maintain the relationship. Invest your precious time in nurturing your relationship. That’s the best possible gift you could give to someone you love.• Express your sincere compliment to others would increase your happiness which encourages the other person to be more compatible with you.• Savior your life’s everyday activities.• Meditate to know more about yourself.With the proved decrease in the life span, let’s not be a miser in spreading love and happiness. Let us not just smile, but be happy within.last_img read more