September 1

Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter aims to bring RTS back in a big way

first_imgSix months after Double Fine Adventure kick-started the Kickstarter game trend, new promising titles are still showing up on the crowdfunding site. One of the latest of these is Planetary Annihilation, a large-scale real time strategy game from Uber Entertainment, the company behind the stylish third-person shooter Monday Night Combat. With PA, Uber is looking to get away from zoomed-in, squad focused RTS tactics. Taking a note from the classic Total Annihilation, they want to create a game that’s all about big, impressive battles.At first, the concept video for Planetary Annihilation looks like a scene out of any Command and Conquer game, with foot soldiers, tanks, and aircraft doing battle while decked out in orange and red. But things get interesting when the orange player sends a rocket up to the moon, constructs a lunar base, and begins firing back down onto the battlefield.The gameplay possibilities of surface, air, and orbital units interacting are intriguing enough on their own, but Uber’s video takes things another step further. Not content to let his enemy be pummeled by moon cannons, the orange commander sends units deeper into space, where they convert an asteroid into a massive, devastating bombardment weapon.The developers have ideas for several slick features as well, beyond just the crazy weaponry. The controls will be designed to juggle units spread across an entire solar system using a split interface and multiple windows. And despite the emphasis on large-scale warfare, the game will be able to create randomized battlegrounds through a procedural planet generator.Uber Entertainment has until September 14 to raise the $900,000 they need to create Planetary Annihilation. If their Kickstarter succeeds, the team will develop the game for PC, Mac, and — by fan request — Linux.Read more at the Kickstarter project pagelast_img read more