June 12

Parents urged to look for signs of grief in children

first_imgRelatedParents urged to look for signs of grief in children Parents urged to look for signs of grief in children CultureNovember 25, 2010 Advertisements RelatedParents urged to look for signs of grief in childrencenter_img FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Guidance and Counselling Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Sonia Benjamin, is urging parents to look for signs of grief in children and to seek support from the school in helping them cope with death, violence or other traumatic events.She was addressing the Old Harbour Development Area Committee-organised parenting workshop held on Monday (November 22) in Old Harbour.Ms. Benjamin noted that when children face any kind of loss or traumatic event, they may feel frightened, confused and insecure, and these emotions may be demonstrated in different ways depending on the child and his/her personality.“There is physical or verbal aggression, non-compliance, getting into fights, anxiety, the child may become withdrawn and even cling more to their teacher or parents,” she pointed out. Other signs include bed wetting, thumb sucking, somatic illnesses, while at school they might stop concentrating and have a fall in grades.According to Ms. Benjamin, parents can make a difference when they know the signs.“Stay with your children, observe them, notice when there is a change in behaviour. Talk with them, play with them and in doing so, you will get to see when the behaviour has changed and will seek to know the cause. Programmes are in our schools to deal with these issues. The guidance counsellors are trained to deal with the grief and loss and help the children to cope,” she advised.Literacy Specialist, Keyna Crawford-Anderson, who provided tips on how to help children master reading, advised parents to buy books for and read to their children.“Keep your children off the streets when they are out of school and pay un-announced visits to the schools,” she further recommended.Parent, Judith Walters, commended the Old Harbour Development Area Committee for staging the workshop, noting that “events like these help to remind us of the important things we need to do in bringing up our children”.“It has helped me to see the signs that I must look for in my child, and to see if some of his reactions have to do with things that are happening in my life,” she said.David Pencil, who has received awards from community groups for exemplary parenting, had some advice for fathers.“Take care of your children.I play with my children, I read with them and I take them out with me. I encourage them to do their assignments; no computer and no television until they do their assignments. They are doing well at school and I want them to keep it up,” he said. RelatedParents urged to look for signs of grief in childrenlast_img read more

February 27

LEGO Unveils New Bricks That Will Help Teach Blind Children to Read Braille

first_imgThis ingenious combination brings a whole new approach to getting blind and visually impaired children interested in learning Braille, enabling them to develop a breadth of skills needed to thrive and succeed.WATCH: He Built His Own Prosthetic Out of LEGOS and Hopes to Provide Cheap Solutions for Others Who Need a Hand“With thousands of audiobooks and computer programs now available, fewer kids are learning to read Braille,” said Philippe Chazal, Treasurer of the European Blind Union. “This is particularly critical when we know that Braille users often are more independent, have a higher level of education and better employment opportunities.“We strongly believe LEGO Braille Bricks can help boost the level of interest in learning Braille, so we’re thrilled that the LEGO Foundation is making it possible to further this concept and bring it to children around the world,” added Chazal.Photo by LEGOThe LEGO Foundation and LEGO Group unveiled the pioneering project today at the Sustainable Brands Conference in Paris, France.The concept behind LEGO Braille Bricks was first proposed to the LEGO Foundation in 2011 by the Danish Association of the Blind and again in 2017 by the Brazilian-based Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind.It has since been further shaped in close collaboration among blind associations from Denmark, Brazil, UK, and Norway – and the first prototypes are now in those same countries for concept testing.LOOK: LEGO Bricks on Sale Now Are Plant-based Instead of PlasticLEGO Group Senior Art Director, Morten Bonde, who suffers from a genetic eye disorder that is gradually turning him blind, worked as an internal consultant on the project. Morten currently has 4-degree sight left but is determined not to let his loss of sight limit him.“Experiencing reactions from both students and teachers to LEGO Braille Bricks has been hugely inspirational and reminded me that the only limitations I will meet in life are those I create in my mind,” says Morten. “The children’s level of engagement and their interest in being independent and included on equal terms in society is so evident. I am moved to see the impact this product has on developing blind and visually impaired children’s academic confidence and curiosity already in its infant days.”The product is currently being tested in Danish, Norwegian, English and Portuguese, while German, Spanish and French will be tested later this year. The final LEGO Braille Bricks kit is expected to launch in 2020 and will be distributed free of charge to select institutions through participating partner networks in the markets where testing is being carried out with partners. It will contain approximately 250 LEGO Braille Bricks covering the full alphabet, numbers 0 to 9, select math symbols, and inspiration for teaching and interactive games.MORE: Colombians Are Building Houses With Wasted Plastic—Shaped Into Huge Lego Bricks“Blind and visually impaired children have dreams and aspirations for their future just as sighted children” said John Goodwin, CEO of the LEGO Foundation. “They have the same desire and need to explore the world and socialize through play, but often face involuntary isolation as a consequence of exclusion from activities. In the LEGO Foundation, we believe children learn best through play and in turn develop the breadth of skills, such as creativity, collaboration and communication, that they need in the post 4th Industrial Revolution.“With this project, we are bringing a playful and inclusive approach to learning Braille to children. I hope children, parents, caregivers, teachers and practitioners worldwide will be as excited as we are, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact.”Build Up Some Positivity By Sharing The Good News To Social Media…AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreLEGO is now piloting a new project that will use the bumps on their iconic bricks to help teach the Braille alphabet to blind and visually impaired children.LEGO “Braille Bricks” will be moulded with the same number of studs used for individual letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet, while remaining fully compatible with the LEGO System in Play.To ensure the tool is inclusive allowing sighted teachers, students and family members to interact on equal terms, each brick will also feature a printed letter or character.last_img read more

October 19

Cinema Cindy Reviews: Midway

first_imgBy CYNTHIA BIDDLECOMB (with technical help from Paul Bradley)Los Alamos“Midway” opened in time for Veteran’s Day this year, a truly epic film with a stellar cast.It excels in its historical accuracy and storytelling, due in part to Japanese participation in the film’s production. It must be said that, since the 1976 film of the same name, far greater visual accuracy is now possible, thanks to Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). These are many of the reasons “Midway” takes you into the battle in ways film has not succeeded in doing before.The Battle of Midway was the turning point in the Pacific Theatre of WWII. Until this point in the Pacific War, Japan had the upper hand, having destroyed most U.S. Pacific battleships in a pre-emptive strike against Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. Severely hampered by the losses at Pearl, the U.S. found itself at a disadvantage against the Japanese. Fortunately, no aircraft carriers were in port at Pearl when the attack came; they would, in fact, prove to be more important than those battleships in the coming years. In April of 1942, Doolittle’s bombing raid on Tokyo convinced the Japanese they needed to strike fast to destroy the remaining U.S. Pacific Fleet. In order to do that, Japan determined that attacking Midway Island would force the U.S. Navy to defend it, thus drawing U.S. ships into battle. It was six months after Pearl Harbor, between June 4 and 7, 1942, that the battle for Midway was engaged.Director Roland Emmerich (—1996) has chosen to show heroism, on both sides of the Battle of Midway, with a large cast portraying American and Japanese officers, sailors and airmen. With Emmerich at the helm, characters evolve in response to the threats before them. Courage is thrown in the face of fear. Strategic planning and individual decisions have a huge impact on the play of the four-day battle. Officers learn to trust each other’s assessments of the intelligence at hand and of the men in their command. The wives back at Pearl remain strong. All the same, Luck plays a big part in how each day of battle plays out.The central characters in this Midway tale are an Annapolis educated dive bomber named Dick Best (Ed Skrein who played Ajax in ) and an Intelligence analyst fluent in Japanese named Edwin Layton (Patrick Wilson—King Orm in ). Layton pieces together bits of overheard Japanese transmissions. Something big is afoot, and though they don’t have all the details, he must convince Admiral Chester Nimitz (played by Woody Harrelson) that the time to act is now. William “Bull” Halsey (Dennis Quaid) takes longer to convince, but soon three U.S. aircraft carriers are on their way to support and protect the U.S. outpost on the atoll of Midway. Unbeknownst to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (Etsushi Toyokawa), Layton and his analysts have cracked enough Japanese code to know where their navy is headed.Emmerich’s use of CGI in the battle scenes renders accurately the details of the historical ships on both sides of the war. Military buffs will notice that the film gets the lines of the Enterprise class carrier right, this time. Each aircraft carrier unleashes squadrons of historically accurate dive bombers, torpedo planes, and fighters, leading to visually realistic aerial battles. You won’t want to miss this new Midway. “Rated PG-13 for sequences of war violence and related images, language and smoking,” it is as good a WWII naval battle film as you will ever see.Editor’s note: Midway opens Friday at the Reel Deal Movie Theater in Los Alamos. Click here for show times.last_img read more

August 14

Practices becoming fewer for Jazz under new NBA schedule

first_img Jazz searching for consistency as they head into Wednesday night’s game at Washington Former Jazzman John Crotty enjoying his time as Miami broadcaster Related Mitchell shines for Jazz, but can’t come up with game-winner in loss to Heat Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic reportedly ‘intrigued’ by Utah Jazz When you’re playing every other day, it’s hard to find time to practice. A lot of times you still feel you still need a day of rest even if that doesn’t mean a day off completely, your practices are modified to reflect that. – Utah Jazz head coach Quin SnyderWASHINGTON — The Utah Jazz actually held a practice on Monday, at the University of Miami, after they opted to stay in the warmer weather for a couple of extra days rather than moving north to Washington as originally planned.It’s the first time the Jazz have held an actual practice in nearly a month (they have had several day-of-game shootarounds) as practices have become rarer for the team this year.The new NBA schedule for the 2017-18 season, which is two weeks longer than in the past, was designed to keep players fresher during the season and to hopefully keep coaches from resting players as often as in recent years.With a couple of extra weeks tacked on at the beginning of the season, teams have fewer back-to-backs and no more four-games-in five-night sets.It may seem incongruous, but the new schedule has actually allowed for fewer practice opportunities for teams than in recent years.That’s because in the past teams would have more space between some of those four-games-in-five-nights stretches, while now teams are playing a lot of every-other-day schedules and a lot of coaches are opting to not hold practices in between two games.For instance, the Utah Jazz held only one practice the whole month of December, back on Dec. 11 when they had three days off between games at Milwaukee and Chicago. The only other times they had more than a day in between games was during the Christmas holidays and coach Quin Snyder opted not to hold practice.“Myself personally, I didn’t see it coming the way it’s played out,” said Snyder. “What’s happened a little bit with the NBA schedule, when you had four in five nights, you at least had two days where you get a practice in. When you’re playing every other day, it’s hard to find time to practice. A lot of times you still feel you still need a day of rest even if that doesn’t mean a day off completely, your practices are modified to reflect that.”Snyder says several factors go into the decision of whether or not to hold practices. He said the first year he was with the Jazz, the team practiced as much as possible and that shootarounds were like practices “because we felt we had so much teaching to do” with the younger players.“The youth of your team, the experience of your team, the time of the season — traditionally we’ve tapered as the season has gone on. Invariably you’ll see some things you really need to work on and maybe the priority is there over fatigue.”The Jazz aren’t likely to practice Tuesday when they’ll be traveling up to Washington.Looking ahead on the schedule, the Jazz could fit in a practice between the last game of this road trip Friday night and the home game against Indiana on the 15th, unless Snyder wants to give his team added rest after a nine-day road trip. After that, there is a three-day gap between a game in Toronto on Jan. 26 and Golden State on the 30th, but not many other opportunities before the All-Star break.‘DEVON’ THE DUNKER: Donovan Mitchell has certainly been making a name for himself this year with his exciting play as a rookie in the NBA. But not everyone knows who he is yet.While showing highlights of his impressive 27-point performance Sunday against the Heat, including his one-handed catch-and-dunk, a Miami sportscaster called him “DeVon” Mitchell.JAZZ NOTES: Derrick Favors, who was in and out of the lineup in the fourth quarter Sunday, went through portions of practice Monday and is listed as “probable” with a right ankle sprain . . . With his 27-point performance against Miami, Mitchell raised his scoring average to 18.5 ppg, the best on the team and highest among NBA rookies . . . The Washington Wizards, Utah’s Wednesday opponent, have the fourth-best record in the Eastern Conference, but the Jazz have beaten the Wizards handily the last three times they met. Last month at Vivint Arena, the Jazz beat the Wizards 116-69 and last year in Washington, they took a 102-92 victory in D.C. as well as a 95-88 win at home . . . The Jazz conclude their road trip on Friday night against Charlotte and return home to play Indiana Monday night . . . By beating Utah for the second time on Sunday, Miami swept the season series for only the fifth time in history. It’s a mystery why NBA Eastern teams have the edge over West teams this seasonlast_img read more

August 12

Shennanigans Weekly Quiz

first_imgResults – Tuesday, March 13: 7 Chinese Brothers 110pts; The Knuckleheads 100pts; Fortunes of War 95pts; The Tinkers 94pts; 3 Non Blondes 90pts; The Leftovers 86pts; G.T.F.C. 78pts; Mermaids 74pts; Wosanames 71pts; The Elations 65pts This week’s winners: Chinese Brotherslast_img

August 12

Don’t expect to see Kaepernick on an NFL field soon

first_imgIn this Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017, file photo, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) warms up before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Santa Clara, Calif.  (AP Photo/Tony Avelar, File) It certainly doesn’t mean Kaepernick will have a job in the NFL this upcoming season. Not in Seattle, which declined to sign him, and probably not among the other 30 teams that — in different circumstances — would be lining up to outbid each other to sign a quarterback of his talent.A lot of NFL fans think that’s a good thing. They hate the idea that Kaepernick wouldn’t stand for his country’s national anthem, and hate any suggestion that the team they love might sign a player so publicly out of touch with how they feel.New York Giants co-owner John Mara said as much when he told The MMQB last month that Giants fans made it clear to him that Kaepernick — who the Giants were not pursuing — would not be welcome at the Meadowlands.“It wasn’t one or two letters,” Mara said. “It was a lot. It’s an emotional, emotional issue for a lot of people, more so than any other issue I’ve run into.”Perhaps that’s what the Seahawks discovered after bringing Kaepernick in a few weeks ago to sound him out about backing up Russell Wilson. The team isn’t explaining why, but their interest in Kaepernick suddenly waned to the point that on Monday they signed Austin Davis — who didn’t even play last year — instead of the former San Francisco 49er.Not exactly the kind of move you’d expect a team to make when they had a chance to pick up a quarterback that just five years ago led his team to a Super Bowl.If Kaepernick is too toxic for Seattle, he’s not likely to be welcomed anywhere else in the NFL. There are no other teams courting him — at least publicly — and time is running out as teams get their rosters ready for the opening of training camps next month.No, he’s not officially blackballed from the league. But he might as well be as teams in the last few months have signed lesser quarterbacks like Case Keenum and Mark Sanchez without even picking up the phone to see if Kaepernick is interested.Taking a stand often means paying a price. In Kaepernick’s case, not standing up for the national anthem may cost him his career.He acknowledged as much at the time, knowing what he did would not be popular among the majority of NFL fans. Indeed, the backlash was so severe that some blamed Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the anthem for a decline in the NFL’s television ratings.But Kaepernick said he could not show pride in a flag of a country he believes oppresses Blacks and other minorities.“If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right,” he said at the time.Take away the controversy, and Kaepernick would seem an attractive candidate for any team looking for another quarterback. Though the 49ers went 1-10 behind him last year, he threw for 16 touchdowns against only four interceptions.He’s not dealing with any injuries, is well-liked by fellow players and donates his time off the field to several charities. He’s also reportedly indicated he would stand for the anthem this upcoming season should a team give him a chance to play.Still, there are no takers. Aside from Seattle, no team has expressed any real interest.“He’s a starter in this league and I can’t imagine that somebody won’t give him a chance to play,” Carroll said last week.Actually, it’s pretty easy to imagine.You can kill dogs, be involved in sexual assaults or do any number of bad acts and still get a second chance in the NFL, assuming you have enough talent. Disrespect the flag in a league that sells patriotism at every turn, though, and good luck finding a job.Kaepernick is smart enough to know that. Yet he felt his cause was so just that he took a knee with the 49ers anyway.Praise him, if you like, for bravely going where other players feared to go. Condemn him, if that’s how you feel, for going about it the wrong way.Just don’t expect to see him on the field anytime soon.____Tim Dahlberg is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at [email protected] or http://twitter.com/timdahlberg No less of a coach than Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks believes that Colin Kaepernick is “a starter in this league,” whatever that means.last_img read more

August 4

Grad 2005-2007 claims Blair D’Andrea Alumni Basketball Tournament

first_imgThe addition brought the age spread to over 24 years, from Grad 1994 to Grad 2018.The tournament, which raised more than $1200 with 50 alumni participating, saw D’Andrea’s sons, Eric (Grad 2008) and Jason (Grad 2011), attended the event and played on a team together. Jake Anderson of Grad 2016 received the Blair D’Andrea Scholarship Award in the amount of $500.Anderson presently plays for the St Mary’s University (Calgary, AB) Lightening Men’s Basketball team along with former high school teammate Josh Matosevic. The Blair D’Andrea Alumni Scholarship Society was established in 2012 and has been instrumental in supporting local post-secondary student-athletes, Nelson Hoops grassroots minor basketball initiatives, the Kootenay Chill Club Basketball program, the LVR basketball programs, and the West Kootenay Men’s Basketball League through scholarships, donations, and equipment.For more information on how to donate or get involved with initiatives run by the Blair D’Andrea Alumni Scholarship Society please email [email protected] thanks to Safeway for catering the event and to Ted Allen’s Jewelry for providing the trophy hardware and engraving. Phelan would also like to thank LVR for supporting through use of the gym and facilities. Grad 2005-2007 held off a later charge to defeat Grad 2003 58-51 in the final of the Blair D’Andrea Alumni Basketball Tournament during the Christmas holidays at the L.V. Rogers Hangar.The Grad 2005-07 squad, consisting of David and Florian Joseph, Jake Phelan, Mark Dodsworth, Braden Klein, Bryan Gaschnitz, Keith Hutton and Ryan Golik, built up a large lead before holding on as Grad 2003 cut into a 20-plus point lead.Organizer Jeremy Phelan was pleased with the tournament as this was the first year that the event saw participation from Grad cohorts from 1994-2000 organized by Lee McKay which was great and we’re hoping to get more of those Grads involved in the future as they were part of some of the great LVR basketball teams.last_img read more

August 3

Top Names In Rallying Set To Compete In Circuit Of Ireland Rally

first_imgCraig Breen/Scott Martin (Peugeot 208 T16) will compete in Estonia this weekend in the latest round of the European Rally Chjampionship. Picture: Martin Walsh. Competitors vying for the title are expected to include European champion Kajetan Kajetanowicz, last year’s winner Craig Breen, Welsh driver Elfyn Evans, young Finnish competitor Max Vatanen and top French driver Robert Consani as well as local stars Keith Cronin and Alastair Fisher. Entries for this year’s Circuit of Ireland Rally officially open today (Friday 12th February), with organisers expecting an influx of entries for both the International and National events, including some of the world’s top names in rallying.center_img Craig Breen is expected to defend his title. The 26 year old Irish driver already has two World Rally Championship class titles to his name and will be competing with PH Sport Citroen.Kajetan Kajetanowicz was the 2015 FIA European Rally Champion as well as last year’s FIA ERC Gravel Master and FIA ERC Ice Master. He was also Poland Champion four consecutive years from 2010 – 2014.Welsh driver Elfyn Evans is also in championship contention.  Last month, he and his co-driver Craig Parry secured an epic victory in the WRC 2 Category at the Rallye Monte-Carlo in spite of two punctures.Three-time British Rally Championship winner Keith Cronin, who is from West Cork, is also set to compete at this year’s Circuit. Keith first competed in the World Rally Championship in 2013 and has been tipped as one to watch. County Tyrone driver Alastair Fisher, the nephew of the late Bertie Fisher who was a three-time winner of the event, will be hoping to follow in his late uncle’s success. Alastair recently secured second place in the Galway Rally.The 2016 Circuit of Ireland builds on last year’s hugely successful Rally which enjoyed a record number of entries as well as spectator numbers increasing by 7% to 78,000.  It’s also more than doubled its global television audience from 15 million to 40 million.Event Director Bobby Willis said he was looking forward to welcoming local and international competitors to this year’s Circuit of Ireland; “In 2015, we had a record number of entries which spanned 20 nations worldwide and we hope to build on that success. It has been wonderful to see the Rally attracting growing international interest and we fully expect the sport’s best drivers to be competing in this year’s event. Spectators can look forward to outstanding rallying from some of the top names in the sport.”Now in its 85th year, the Circuit of Ireland Rally’s international status has grown significantly in recent years.  The Circuit is now part of the prestigious FIA European Rally Championship and also features in the British Rally Championship, the Irish Tarmac Championship series and the Northern Ireland Rally Championship.The Rally will take place across County Down, County Antrim and Belfast from 7th – 9th April. For full details on this year’s Circuit of Ireland Rally, visit www.circuitofireland.net . Follow on www.facebook.com/circuitofireland or www.twitter.com/CircuitIreland .Entries for the 2016 Circuit of Ireland close on Tuesday 15th March.print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more