September 21

Kimisis Opera

first_imgThis March, a ritual speaks directly to everyone raised within a religious belief system. This performance can be categorised as a non-literal, contemporary, secular work of art. Kimisis, which means ‘falling asleep’, is an alternative opera, written and directed by Konstantin Koukias, commemorating the ‘falling asleep’ or the death and assumption of Mary, Mother of Christ, to Heaven. Following the traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church, Koukias translates this religious occasion into a contemporary experience, mixing Byzantine and Christian Arabic music with electronic sounds; while soprano Irene Sarrinikolaou, singing in Ecclesiastical Greek, performs on a pilates trapeze machine. IHOS productions blend voice, dance and sound with installation art and digital technology. Kimisis exemplifies the brilliant originality for which IHOS is internationally renowned. There are only 32 tickets available per performance at $20 and under. For more information email [email protected] or phone 0422 834 654. Where: At the Verge Gallery, Jane Foss Russell Building, City Road, Sydney University 2006 (adjacent to the Wentworth Building), Sydney When: 25-28 March 2015 Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more