May 30

Save the Washington Monument. But How?

first_img Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture understands that ideas about origins underlie the culture’s attitude toward its past and its future. The American people, and our leaders, are divided and uncertain about our heritage, with its basis in an understanding of man’s designed place in the cosmos. What’s needed is a shot in the arm of positive reinforcement.  A Purposeful Creator Intelligent Design Save the Washington Monument. But How?David [email protected]_klinghofferJune 19, 2020, 9:43 AM Free to Watch, Not to Make Recommended A Physician Describes How Behe Changed His MindLife’s Origin — A “Mystery” Made AccessibleCodes Are Not Products of PhysicsIxnay on the Ambriancay PlosionexhayDesign Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All Photo credit: IIONA VIRGIN, via Unsplash. Nobody would have predicted all the changes we’ve witnessed in 2020, what seems to be evidence of national demoralization. Freedom of assembly and of worship canceled overnight across swaths of the country, with hardly a protest? Revolutionary unrest in the cities? Statues and other monuments defaced or torn down? Serious discussion of abolishing the police? What will come next? “The birth of our republic was announced in the Declaration through the pen of Thomas Jefferson,” as Stephen Meyer has written here. “He and the other Founders based their vision on a belief in an intrinsic human dignity, bestowed by virtue of our having been made according to the design and in the image of a purposeful creator.” The crucial thing about these videos, including the upcoming continuation of the popular Science Uprising series, is that they are FREE on our YouTube channels. However, producing more, and letting the world know about them, is NOT free. Far from it. You, our generous supporters, are aware of that, and we are grateful! Now please help expand the reach of our message! The Jefferson Memorial — there’s another one whose continuing intact survival I worry about. The republic stands at a crossroads. As an editor, I’d like to think that words can save our country. But experience shows that words coupled with powerful images are the key. Congratulations to Science Magazine for an Honest Portrayal of Darwin’s Descent of Man At dinner recently I said to my kids that I’m glad they’ve seen the Washington Monument in person because I’m not sure it will still be there in a year. This was following nights of rioting when news helicopters showed fires in the capital obscuring the structure. My oldest son scoffed. “They’re not talking about taking down the Washington Monument!”center_img Share The need is urgent because another rapid evolution in the culture is toward controls on social and other online media. Scientists are eyeing government censorship of intelligent design content on the Internet. They’ve said so in the journal BioEssays. Do you doubt that using YouTube to censor us would be very tempting? That’s the reason we are seeking your support now in expanding the CSC’s program of excellent, provocative, and accessible videos. Many of these have been written and directed by our CSC colleague John West. All of them convey the message of a purposefully ordered universe. One that has had a tremendous impact is Human Zoos: America’s Forgotten History of Scientific Racism, documenting how false science undermines the traditional understanding of human dignity. It’s had over 1.8 million views.  “Not yet,” I said.  There could be a narrowing time window in which, with your help, we can reach millions of more viewers and make an important difference for the future. Consider adding to your support now! Jane Goodall Meets the God Hypothesis Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour In just the last three months, our videos have had 1.3 million unique viewers. Since last year, they have counted 6.3 million new views. Requesting a (Partial) Retraction from Darrel Falk and BioLogos “A Summary of the Evidence for Intelligent Design”: The Study Guide TagsBioEssayscensorshipCenter for Science & CulturecosmoscreatorDeclaration of IndependencedemoralizationDiscovery InstituteevolutionFoundersfreedom of assemblyfreedom of religionhuman dignityHuman Zoosintelligent designInternetJefferson MemorialJohn WestmonumentspoliceScience UprisingscientistsstatuesStephen MeyerThomas JeffersonuniversevandalismWashington DCWashington MonumentYouTube videos,Trendinglast_img read more

September 25

Conklin cleared of animal abuse allegations

first_imgKaren LeeMidwest EditorEmail Karen [email protected] On July 6, a Union County Grand Jury cleared Gary Conklin, co-owner of Conklin Dairy Cattle Sales LLC in Plain City, Ohio, and others, of allegations of animal abuse brought about by the Mercy for Animals YouTube video release on May 26.advertisementadvertisementReleased of all charges, Conklin talked freely with Progressive Dairyman Editor Karen Lee, answering the questions that follow. Q: How were you made aware of the video?CONKLIN: I first learned of the video when a reporter called and asked if I was aware of the video to be released at a later date. They alluded that it would be posted to YouTube in the next 24 hours. I went home and saw it that night on YouTube.Q: What was your initial reaction?CONKLIN: Absolutely destroyed. Terrible. We had no idea anything like that was going on. It made all of us family members feel absolutely terrible. We saw it late in the evening and immediately began discussing firing the employee [Billy Joe Gregg] in the video when he arrived for his shift at 6 a.m. the next morning. We began the termination process, getting our attorney and local sheriff involved to have them there when he arrived for work.Q: Whom did you turn to for advice?CONKLIN: Initially our attorney, after seeing the video and how it does not replicate in any shape, way or form how we treat our animals or how we want them to be treated. Our initial goal was to fire that employee and for him to face legal consequences brought by local officials.Q: Were there any signs that something was going on that you now see in retrospect?CONKLIN: The employee, Billy Joe Gregg, doing the abuse was born and raised on a dairy farm in Michigan. He had milked cows consistently and cared for young animals. There were no red flags. According to his resume, he was honorably discharged from the military and claimed to be an Iraq veteran.No probable causeAccording to a press release from the Union County prosecuting attorney, the grand jury found no probable cause to believe Conklin committed any crime.advertisement“They saw the unedited video of Mr. Conklin’s actions, not the highly inflammatory version released on YouTube by Mercy for Animals,” said David Phillips, Union County prosecuting attorney.Phillips explained that the cow depicted in the video needed to be gotten up to avoid further injury to the animal.“These animals, sometimes called ‘downer cows’ must be brought to their feet. The sheriff’s office had the video reviewed by four experts, each of whom agreed that Mr. Conklin’s actions were entirely appropriate.”The prosecutor noted that the experts were veterinarians with extensive experience in large animal care. Each agreed that delivering a sharp blow to the animal to get it to rise was not abuse. The veterinarians told law enforcement that cows that remain down are at risk of injury or death.The grand jury also heard testimony from the undercover operative put on the Conklin Farm by Mercy for Animals, Jason Smith of Texas. Smith had told law enforcement that he did not witness any abuse by Conklin, and that Conklin did not know of the abuse by Billy Joe Gregg.Phillips said the grand jury also considered charges against another employee of the farm, the undercover agent, and Mercy for Animals officials, but ultimately decided there was not enough evidence to proceed against them.advertisementPhillips said that law enforcement continues to receive reports of threats against the Conklin family and farm. He said such threats are being taken seriously and will be prosecuted. A referral may also be made to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.“Threats of harm against the Conklins may be a felony under the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act,” Phillips said. “Blogs and internet sites continue to advocate harassing Mr. Conklin and his family. Some have called for violence, including murder. This federal law is designed to meet just this situation.”Read more of this interview and Gary Conklin’s comments about Mercy for Animals and his plans for the future in the July 21st issue of Progressive Dairyman magazine. PDlast_img read more

September 18

RHTY&SC cricket teams close off active season with donation to Achievers CC

first_imgTHE ROSE Hall Town Youth and Sport Club (MS) (RHTY&SC) teams, which were actively involved in over 250 community development activities for 2018, closed off the year with a donation to the Achievers Cricket Club of West Berbice.For the year, the 10 teams: King Solomon Logistics Under-12, Poonai Pharmacy Under-13, Farfan & Mendes Under-15, Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Metro Females, Gizmos & Gadgets Under-21 and First Division, have handed out over $3M worth of cricket bats, balls, stumps, trophies, cycles, gear, scorebooks, medals and special gifts to numerous cricket clubs, schools and young cricketers.Assistant Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC MS, Simon Naidu, disclosed that president of the West Berbice-based cricket club, David Black, has written a letter to the club’s Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster requesting a bicycle and three trophies for an award ceremony.The secretary immediately approved the donation and the teams were mandated to fulfil the request. Naidu and National Under-15 player Mahendra Gopilall handed over the bicycle and trophies to Black. Nineteen-year-old Naidu has taken over the daily operation of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation as Foster fulfils his duties as president of the vibrant Berbice Cricket Board (BCB).Naidu stated that one of the most cherished projects was to assist over 25 youths across Berbice with their own personal bat. These donations were made to assist the Club Secretary/CEO in his effort to return Berbice cricket to its former glory. RHTY&SC, he stated, assisted all clubs whether they supported Foster’s presidency at the BCB or not, as the main objective is to offer sports as an alternative to a life on the road.MORE IN 2019The Assistant Secretary congratulated Achievers on the good job the club was doing in developing the cricketing skills of youths in West Berbice and committed RHTY&SC to doing even more in 2019. Black expressed gratitude to RHTY&SC and its teams for the assistance.RHTYSC was founded in 1990 and over the period has won over 60 major tournaments including twelve in 2018 at all levels. The club which also received the GCB Club-of-the-Year five times, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2016, and has produced numerous players at all levels.last_img read more